All Scratch And Beat Track

It’s been a while since I cut’n’pasted allot of samples together. I brought it back entirely with this one.
For sore souls who hate the world of rappers, taggers, breakdancers and turntablists. This is nothing for you. B)

Put on those headphones and let the beat and scratches pound your ears :walkman:

note: I’m not a turntablist myself, these are sample arrangments…tra-scratch.mp3

rok on rap flavas!!! :walkman:

nice track…can you mayby add deep acoustic bass and it´s perfect :D

btw, have you scratch those samples?

Heeell no if he did… :P
But it’s a neato track, this! It played twice without me even noticing that it had gone in repeat, in other words a perfect soundtrack thingey for some tv-show or sumthin… :yeah:

no, I can’t scratch

hehe, let me wake up to answer the questions sagosen :P

in what kind of tv production would we use this?

you know the trick with left+shift and right mousebutton came quite in handy

:panic: Woo, i like this :walkman:

Well, what about some skate-thingey? Listening now, trying to picture something…


What first comes to mind is using this as background music for some interview with a hiphop-artist or maybe just background filling for some hip show with lotsa short clips coming and going? Cos it’s no melody going and thus it won’t get boring for the viewers, and they won’t get too focused on the track either.

Så det så. ;)

And, I know… The mousetrick is neato, but in 1.5 you can simply choose wether dragging with right mousebutton writes patterncommands or makes envelopes. Neato.

That’s interesting! :) Turntablism in action…
How you come to have gathered those samples without scratching?
:yeah: :walkman:

Oh. I really love the genre, and have allot of cd’s and vinyls with allot of famous turntablists. dmc and technics shows. and I have some samplecds with scratches on them. I just collected everything I could find that sounded clean enough and put them in this track.

Very nice track Sinatra. You mentioned DMC.

Do you by chance have any scratching by DJ Craze on that track?

I am fortunate enough to live very close where he lives in South Florida and have seen him many times at clubs. 2-4 turntables going at once. Flawless.

Was DMC champion a couple of times in a row and finally stepped out of the competition so he could give someone else a chance to win.

Impressive skills.

If I dont remember wrong I have seen a short videoclip of DJ Craze somewhere. Where he does an amazing routine reproducing the sounds of the TB-303 Josh Wink made in Higher States… That was just crazy.

But there is no DJ Craze samples used in this track.

You know Q-Bert? He’s my favv…

Q-bert is an Icon, allongside Mix Master Mike and the rest of the Incredible Scratchpiklz.
The best turntablism show I’ve seen live was Kid Koala. That little guys got so much energy. And when ppl talk about four turntables. This guy uses four or six turntables on the stage. And they’re not placed nearby eachothers. They’re placed two and two in different corners of the stage. So this guy is running allot around.
If you have the oportunity to see this guy live, do it. It’s worth every penny.