allow automation for solo and mute for tracks

Please add automation support for solo and mute on all tracks (group tracks, too).

Been requested before and would be great imo. Different, but what you can do now to sort of fake this behavior, sound as if muting or soloing channels is using this tool; (auto-updates in Renoise 3)

This tool gives you six easy to use extra shortcuts. The first three (labeled ‘Broaden Selection’) give possibility to make a selection in pattern editor song-wide (or just to the left, or to the right) instantly. The second three (aptly labeled ‘Note Solo’) make that whole selection silent by placing note-offs, except for the current track. Effectively a solo that stays.

Ideal tool for creating variations of playing and non-playing tracks in a bunch of cloned patterns.

I tried a midi loop to trigger solos: it worked,

but, of course, the tracks are soloed, so you can’t come back from the “soloed” state…

I wanted to do a dual Renoise set-up, but it’s too tedious and had to match both timelines, One shooting MIDI automation to the song with a MIDI clock… (did that already, but the project become messy very fast… and if you have to rematch virtual MIDI cable after six month, chances are that you will not be able to recover everything…)

So yeah,. I hope to have a solo automation feature coming soon.