Allow Chord Progression Changes in the Sampler/ Pattern Editor

Hi Fellow Renoisers–

I really like using the feature on the Sampler where you can limit the keyboard to only play notes within a given scale, like G Minor Pentatonic or something. However, I’m surprised that there’s not a way to create a chord progression timeline that can follow the changes in your song! I think it would make it a lot easier to improvise lead lines over chord changes, allowing us to find interesting melodic changes that might be outside the general key of the song. For me as a guitar player, I’m used to thinking of songs as a progression of chords, not individual notes, and it would speed up my workflow to be able to set a chord at a certain spot in the pattern and then freely add notes within that chord.

Does anyone know a way to do this? Would anyone else like this feature?


I think you want “Phrases”

Open renoise, on the right side go to the instruments, load up the instruments that come with renoise and find the "Guitar Clean’ (I know there was an amazing acoustic guitar, but I can’t find it). Then go to the sample editor (F3). Then on the top left side, just above the waveform you’ll see a box that says “Phrases”. Also, you’ll see down below to the right of the ‘keyboard’ there is some numbered boxes. Those are your phrase patterns. FInally, right below the “Sampler/Plugin/MIDI” tabs you should see a little box that says “C” and to the right of that another box that says “No Scale”. With those you can select which key you wanna play in, and the other box is which scale or mode you wanna play in(major, minor, augmented, mixolydian ect). The only one I see missing is Aeolian.

Hope that’s kinda what you’re looking for.

I haven’t really used it yet, but the day will come. Pretty sure it’ll change my life.

I think he was rather asking for a way to automate the key/scale, which would have been very nice.Hopefully the scale/key selector is added to the instrument macros some day.

The docs don’t have a lot to say on scale, scaling, and transposition.

For instance: is it supposed to be the case that your transposed notes when using a scale and phrases should always differ by the same number of scale degrees?

This whole topic seemed familiar, so I just checked. And yes, we have two very similar posts from the 10.dec

So, to answer the question: yes, since Renoise 3.1 you can do it with the new MIDI implementation.

Full explanation in here: