Allow Midi Note "off" To Be Line Note Cut By Line...

I love the note delay and cut commands for allowing you to circumvent the coarse resolution of the LPB without having to double (or even triple) the pattern speeds for everything when it’s unnecessary. I’d like to suggest improving the FF command to allow for tick resolution, like the F command currently does on individual note columns and that this also send note “OFF” commands to MIDI/VST instruments. This can be particularly useful when sending note offs to large chords in-between pattern lines.


If your speed factor is not higher than 14, this won’t work any better.
The background debate about improving resolution possibilities is currently on.

I’m not entirely sure what you mean regarding “any higher than 14”?

If you’re running your pattern at speed F106 and you want to send a note “OFF” command to a chord before the next line triggers, using F3 commands on the note columns themselves result in note offs “in-between” the F106 lines. So clearly it works better, yes? or more accurately, it provides for greater resolution. I’d just like to see this be enhanced so that you can do so to the entire line in one effect without having to add F3 to every single note.

FFxx sends note/effect OFF, but the “xx” don’t appear to have any function yet. Why not make them tick delay, like with the Fx command in the volume column?

FF01 and FF00 would be for turning off and on effect 15, so this function is working though not for the reasons you would like to expect.
However FF00 for sending noteoff to all notes seems to be a double function in that matter and actually would cause an undesired effect so maybe this should change into FFF0 instead of FF00 (and perhaps by chance accept tick resolution from FFF0-FFFF).

FF00, at least according to the Renoise application itself, is actually not associated with Effect 15 specifically. It’s simply an all note/effect OFF for the line.