Allow Notes to be delayed forward in Time

I know there’s little chance of this happening (Backward compatability), but to get the groove I want I usually slightly delay notes forward in time and not backward and it would be so nice if there was a option in the preferences to make the delay value bipolar with 80 being no delay and so on.

bugs me that I have to move notes a whole 16th and almost delay them a whole 16th back to get the effect I want.


Would love this too !

One small problem, as I see it, is that ±80 bipolarity is not visually optimal when it comes to musical representation. Best would be if it went from the point representing 100.01% swing and one line forward. Swung notes should still be placed on the previous line. There’s no perfect solution to the visual mess of a tracker pattern.

But IMO ±80 is a lot better than the current values.

They could have a + or - sign on the delay column and keep the current values up to ff :slight_smile:

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uhm, you meant backward in time, since the delay column as it is now - does forward delaying?

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erm yes :slight_smile:

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