Allow Renoise To Record/Send Sysex Patch Dumps To Midi Gear

I’ve suggested this long ago, was told there was no plan or way to do this… but just for good measure since many don’t use MIDI gear I’d like to ask again:

The desire is to enable renoise to be able to record and play out sysex dumps that define an instrument/patch/performance/program on a MIDI synth so the patches get stored with the song. MANY/MOST DAWS allow this feature and it’s dead simple to do. . .

Typically the workflow goes something like this:

Write a song in your DAW with Midi Synths. Once you are happy with the tweaks you have made to your synth sound, offset the track by about 5 seconds, then arm your DAW to record. Hit record and send a patch dump from your synth to the DAW for each midi channel/port.

Every time you play the song from the beginning (or whereever you may have recorded a sysex dump) that program info gets SENT to the synth on its current port/MIDI channel.

This is helpful as the program/patch then gets stored into the DAW’s project file so that you can NEVER “loose” an instrument you’ve used in your song off your hardware synth.

Has anybody come up with a solution for this in renoise yet???
Would it be possible with the current API to build this functionality into Renoise?
If not a lot of people are asking for this feature could I commission someone to build this functionality please?

It’s been disscused before but I like this too

definately this is possible with the API, everything is in there, just need to be discovered and tried out.

probably the way to go is to develop a tool like Duplex that let you plug external hardware and let you talk bidirectional with them…

btw, it is a heavy job to do, and will need a lot of testing/finetuning.