Allow sending a send to itself

those things would be great, too. And yes, you would want to slap a limiter on there, unless you like bleeding eardrums and blown speakers…
perhaps a warning dialog would be apropos.
A lot of daws allow for feedback routing, so, I imagine it’s a technical challenge that has been solved

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Ah ok, didn’t know that. Is there an example video of a DAW showing this feedback capabilities?

Sunvox can do it.

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I suppose all we would really need would be a return track. Basically a send that can route to a track to the left on the mixer (not just the master track). Not sure what technical challenges exist here, though…
Alternatively, allowing send devices on the master track (perhaps with a warning dialog popup) would do the trick

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Afaik know ableton and Reaper allow for feedback between mixer channels

There’s a plugin for that, if anyone’s desperate to have this feature right now :wink:

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Lol, I just saw this plugin a couple days ago, and was going to post it here. Looks like it may do the trick!

Maybe the loopback of the feedback loop could be created outside Renoise? I tried this on Linux with Jack:

  1. Add two more inputs/outputs in the in/out devices in Audio preferences.
  2. Outside Renoise, connect the extra two outs to the extra two inputs (e.g. using Carla or qjackctl).
  3. In a Renoise channel, add a Line In device receiving audio from the extra stereo inputs and make the channel output to the extra stereo outputs.
  4. Populate the channel with the effects that should be part of the feedback loop.
  5. Add a Send device (with Keep Source set) so that the sound of the feedback loop also escapes to the Master out.