Allready talked Mac OS issues


I switched to a new Mac with a 5K display and a lot of new things like i9 and a 32 ram and what ever, I now I’m one of those having FPS drops or having renoise run pretty bad. Slow, inconsistent, etc.

Since I’ve been a user since 2.1, and decided to get the newest version but, I wondered if this issue will ever be fixed. Since the OG support wrote me “It’s a know issue with OS devices” and looking in the forum posts and their times posted seems like it will never be a fix for us mac users. So , what’s the solution?

Downgrade? Or just stop using Renoise ? Is there another tracker that I can use? I love the resolution aspect of a tracker, each note has all this commands, how can I get thiS?

Buying the new renoise seems that it won’t fix the issue.

What are your opinions?

OH , Also, I almost forgot, I also got the REDUX plugin and it’s just unusable too, I think it was written on the forums before. MacOs either Catalina or what ever, won’t let it run because of the "unidentfied developer " thingy.