Almost Done With Album...

Here is a almost complete render of my current project called “Informal Recognition”. It’s sample heavy downtempo instrumental hip hop…sort of. Kind of pretends to tell a story but kind of doesn’t really. IDK. Just going for mood and vibe.

Act I (run time ~27 minutes)
(cue sheet containing track names)

Act II (partially complete, current run time ~ 18 minutes)
(cue sheet containing track names)

Anyone run a netlabel (or know someone who does) willing to release this when I finish it? Preferrably free netlabel. I don’t like selling recorded works or want to deal with keeping tabs on sales or other crap that distracts from music. Sleeve art will be provided.

Thanks for listening.

Technical notes:
XRNS File Size (entire album is in single file) 500+MB (and will likely be uploaded for curious remixers when done)
Only 2 realtime effects used, EQ and Masterizer on master out track
Over 200 sources scoured for samples, no samples were heavily altered or played far from original tempo nor timestretched/compressed
I did most of it in renoise 2.5 without the ability to start in the middle of a sample…yes, I had to replay long samples in order to get timings right everytime I moved one even a single line…i have 2.7 now, so it’s a lot easier.
Majority of album produced while on deployment for the US Navy in the Persian Gulf in a Radar equipment room.

Hey Hseiken,

fan of your music, have no time for a thorough listen now, but am skipping through act1 and loving it.

Netlabel wise I like:

They do a mix of genre’s leaning towards the electronic styles, but also have some hip hop inspired stuff.

I’d like to put this on my mp3 player, is there a way I can download your links from the first post?

i like this beats a lot ! :yeah:

Simply quote his reply and you get the mp3 links through the quote right away.
(rightclick and save as i guess)

thanks for the tip.

Hey, thanks for the compliments Jonas. I’ll give those guys a shot. I’ve always want to release through a netlabel. I had come close to being on IndyTronic, but they felt my style (or rather my lack of sticking to a single style) was a detriment to their ideals or something. Then the guys running closed shop and moved on to better things. I also got denied WAY back in the day when Impulse Tracker was still being used to release on Tokyo Dawn, but they kind of…well, they tend to release stuff that was way more polished than my efforts at the time (i’m still kind of unpolished now, too…hahaha).

If I can’t find one for this, this may be part of a new ‘netlabel’, one I’ve been thinking of putting together for a looooong time and just never did. Who knows, could be the start of something cool…

Also, I didn’t know the forums would auto create a player for the mp3s. I simply threw up the link to them originally.

Okay, enough banter from me. No one asked for my life story. is a good netlabel.

I’ve requested multiple times that a downlink shows as well as the player gadget so that you don’t have to do this process but unfortunately yet to see anything of it…

That doesn’t work for the external players.
In the older board version it did not worked for the internal player either. As it seems things have changed with the latest update (that we got to void the mass amount of XRumer spammers)
I have now added the download link for mp3’s automatically.

But is there something wrong with respecting that artists might perhaps only want to share by stream and not always desire offering their stuff for download?
It is perhaps generic that most stuff here is offered for download, but not necessarily and we don’t take that idea as easily for granted as you do.

welcome back HS. great beats!

Speaking mathematically
You > Dj shadow

I’m only talking where direct .mp3 (or ogg or whatever) links are wrapped in Media tags. In fact you don’t even have to wrap it, at least in Private Message, for the competition I run every time I’m sent a direct mp3 link hosted on somebody’s own server I have to hit Quote then copy and paste to be able to download it.

And if somebody is using a direct media link in a media tag I would be surprised if they don’t want it downloadable, especially as it already is by the simply C&P process mentioned above, if they want it stream only the can use an external player of their choice rather than the standard one you get from Media tags on the board.

Thanks those that commented. I’m not trying to outdo anyone with this album except myself. :)

Here’s the newest addition to the album minus ending of the last song and transition to this one.

Enjoy some chillout grooves.

Sounds nice and chilly! Downloading the clips and going to take a proper listen at the studio.

I really dig this kinda heavy sampling. Recognized a lot of the sounds ;)

This is not a free label (well, at least not anymore) but I suggest you check the sound of Freaky Beats Productions, especially the ones by K.V.N. & Lobo (The Dead End Kidz & Welcome to the Dead End), heavy sampling instrumental hip-hop. Quite similar to your stuff.

very nice hseiken! :D when we gonna rock that collab?? ^^

have you considered dustedwax? this is probably up their alley.

I don’t have a charger for my Palm right now (and frankly haven’t had one for a while). However, ReNoise collab or NanoStudio (if you want to keep it portable) I’m down with…you still got the same email address?

This is still one of my on-the-walk-home listens after work. :)
Is part 2 finished yet HS?

It’s still in the pipeline. I haven’t forgotten about this. Been busy with a friend from out of country visit, I’ve been in the process of setting up for life after military, family issues, etc. I promise this will get finished. :)

As an aside, I’ve set up a new blog for my random music if anyone’s interested. It’s not all ReNoise, and I imagine I will post nothing polished, but if you want random crap to maybe waste time listening to while you’re waiting on this 60 minute epic to be finished, head over to /random plug

Thanks for the continued interest in this project. It still has no home for when it’s done as of right now…

Set up a bandcamp page eventually and release it yourself!