Alohaaa all! im new here, from hawaii. been using renoise demo for about 4 months. I love it. Finally purchased it. I cant wait to meet you all, and learn from you guys.

I like to make downtempo chill stuff, but my heart lies with breakcore/idm experimental.


yay! welcome to the boards you lucky insular :)

don’t let it trouble you. maybe it’s just temporary.


have fun :walkman:

My heart lies with downtempo and jazz but the only thing that comes from my piece of renoise is breakcore : :wacko: :P

I hope you purchased the good working version :P

edit- oh … and welcome!

listening to ‘she’ on your myspace, nice relaxed, laid back vibes, the assclapping .gif in your signature goes remarkably well with the beat lol

  • welcome

hahaha thanks. The tempo on the booty slap was supposed to be faster. darn.

Thanks to renoise. I would bring all you developers, and long time users to all the hula chick parties… but most of you are in UK.

We have the opposite times right?

Me too I cannot stop stairing :blink:

Aloha drummer, welcome.
Downtempo is cool.

lol keith :)

Whoa… Big Daddy mark is here.

I don’t like the signature, it’s disturbing my work. :D

Smack smack smack smack smack

What is crunk?

Oh, I think we’ll all be good friends!

it is rather distracting isnt it?

I think ill keep herthankyouverymuch!

Anyone know where to download some nice one shot samples? pwetty please?

Use torrents. For example Arty Torrent Pack 's contain lots of free and nice one-shot samples and also drum loops for creating desired breakcore sounds.

I love you all!1 maybe one day we can all have an orgie…

With my sigi girl of course!

Kaneel nice musica bro. Dont just sit there! add me on myspace you overthinking renoise nut!

Oh, yhes, torrents. Gatta love torrents.

Its past me beddy bye time. Catch you all on the flip!

Welcome captain!

More ass and cowbell on renoise forum: you are hereby declared a hero.

I think I’d rather have that smack-smack-smack as a metronome instead of a cowbell.

I’d probably end up doing something completely different than tracking though.

Tee hee.

Actually, in Holland those things are more related than one might think…
Often TOO related, which occasionally leads to some painful misunderstandings.

I’m on ur myspace, hearting ur “the mind”.

and “the wall”
and “my side”

I just checked out music from icarus, and foo. I likey likey. And sagosen, i just checked out yours too. I love it all. Very nice guys!

Hey foo, i do need some help with mastering/finalizing. Whatever tools/tips you got. hahah thats a great name.

Damn its a beautiful day in hawaii, i think im gunna go to the beach and slap some b’tchz.

love you sexshy bastards later

If you got a mix you want me to do some work on just sling me a PM or email. We’ll talk there.