Alpha Versions Vs Future Versions Of Renoise

Hi there,

I’ve got a short but fairly important question:

Will future versions of renoise 1.5 (betas & final) be able to open .rns files created in a 1.5 alpha version?

When experimenting with the alpha versions I created a peace of music that I’m quite happy with and obviously want to keep.

For now I use the strategy of resaving this alpha .rns when a newer Renoise alpha comes out. (keeping the previous versions in case of any format probs)
Is this resaving necessary or will renoise 1.5 be able to open any previous alpha .rns files?


there is still a small risk that you could NOT use your work done in 1.5 alpha, but if you ask me this wont happen.

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added a NOT in the phrase, just to avoid heartaches to anyone :)

What?! :o :o :o

Did you just say that files created with 1.5 alpha won’t be opened with later versions of Renoise or is it just a problem with my English understanding today?!

I believe he missed a NOT somewhere <_< :rolleyes:

:) I didn’t see that… Obviously you shouldn’t read what he wrote, but what he meant :P

Phew… That’s a relief… Now the only problem is to wash my shirt from the stains I made spilling coffee while reading this thread earlier on :)

Note to self: Don’t drink coffee while reading Renoise Forums :lol:

We’ll just post a new bug-report for the beta or the stable version if that may ever happen.
But i presume there won’t be much changes to the file structure unless some functionality or parameters are incorrectly saved along the file.