Alpha3 - Song Length Option

Hey, sorry if this sounds stupid, but…

Where is the option to choose pattern length?


I’ve been looking around in Renoise 1.5 alpha3 for a while, but can’t find it…

Help please?

I really wanna use this, but hate using only 4F length on patterns.



look at the upper left corner of the pattern: there is a 3F written into a little box. You can modify pattern length there.

There have already been complains about this new solution so you can avoid to post here yours :)


Bantai is killing me (hardly)

really, all this talk about new-user-friendly and stuff. the 1.281 interface was much more easy to understand and much more logical too… going from right-button-click to increase numbers to writing numbers by hand is a step back i would say…

yeah, but its a damn textbox. make it CLICKABLE not writeable.
same thing with patterns in pattern-order
i would want this:

left-click: decrease value (hold: fast decrease)
right-click: increasevalue (hold: fast increase)
double-click: textbox

Alright alright, kill me :unsure:

I’m just really used to the old Renoise…

Sorry, I’ll be better at searching the forums


simply back to the roots … arrows for changing the pattern length! … this simple field in1.5 is a big disadvantage

Then you would have to remove one of the other things on top left to get the space for arrows?

I think left click for increase and right for decrease, double for text box, and left click and hold + drag up/down would do just great.

The only disadvantages then would be that with arrows you could rightclick on arrow to add 16 lines. And also some problems finding the text box for the very first time.

What if you got hotkeys for increase/decrese pattern length by 1 step/16 steps ? Would that be enough?

After all its easy to say what you wanna have there… but what should be removed to make this fit?


Not double-click to enter text box… then you have to wait between clicks, in case you’d want to move only three or four steps.

I think a standard should be implemented here. Something that goes for all manipulative GUI-objects, such as slide-bars, arrows etc.
Click-drag: increase/decrease
left-click: add 1
right-click: sub 1

screw the text-box. Why would you want to fiddle around with that anyhow, now that Renoise has a drag 'n drop-interface going?

CTRL while doing any of this multiplies the change by 10. So you’d drag-slide damn fast, or increment/decrement the pattern length by 10.

ALT while doing any of this allows you to fine-tune the parameter. Ok, this won’t work for pattern lengths, but it would for plugins and their ilk.

Hmm, I think I recall some of the sliders/arrows to work like this already. Can’t check right now though…

Ok… thats true.
Anyway… I would be more than happy with just text-box and a click-hold-drag.

But hey… thats just me… :)

Yeah most “buttons” actually do this, but pattern length is a ordinary input field. :)

It would be nice if mouse wheelscroll could have the same behaviour as hold-drag-left mousebutton, this saves a click and is also quicker to scroll with than clicking five times on a button for example. :rolleyes:

We could almost get rid of all the arrow buttons, that would clean up the interface a bit. :w00t:

What about adding a shortcut that jumps to editing the patternlength textbox?
Would that suffice?

I did’nt know that, thanks for the tip. But why only on sliders, it should work in generel on all numeric input fields.

This Pattern length issue is a hard one to crack, because when you know it’s right there it’s perfect. But unfortunately not very easy to locate for the first time.

To add my two cents to the discussion - make the pattern length box and all other numeric fields editable by click+hold+drag (just as Pysj mentioned). Upwards for increase, downwards for decrease. Many VSTs and VSTis use this solution in their interfaces so I think it would be a natural and intuitive solution to use for newbies and veterans alike.

Just click the box - the cursor changes displaying little up n down arrows - and drag - it can’t get easier than this. Also the drag solution would be better than left click + right click - as it is much easier to click something by mistake then click and drag by mistake (in my humble opinion).


actually we made a long “struggle” to obtain the godsend slider edit boxes, to be able to directly input values for sliders via the keyboard.

Personally I would get mad if I should need to use mouse to tweak values, expecially for pattern lenght, because it is an integer small value, in which the maximum precision is necessary.

I don’t know if this is the same for everyone, but mouse usage for me it’s frustrating, because if I want to move the pointer to pixel (x,y), the mouse ALWAYS stops at (x-1,y-1)… don’t know if I’m unlucky or what, but in these 11 years during which I’ve been using mouse, it occurred me at least 100 times a day :)

an option about this can always be done, of course.

As for to me, the whole “brand new mega super” pattern management bar is misunderstanding. I prefered the DEL / < / > / ADD Model. I dont’ know how to manage with those big blocks.

Looks like I need Renoise 1.5 for even more Dummies :)

Alexander M. Korn wrote:

simply back to the roots … arrows for changing the pattern length! … this simple field in1.5 is a big disadvantage

and for editing playlist/pattern order…this new system sucks really much :confused:
…now, please hit me with hammer


Damn, I haven’t noticed that I’m logged out. Last two “Guest posts” are mine.

I made no accidental clicks :D

What can you screw with that? The same you can “screw”, accidently hitting the wrong number from keyboard.

You prefer this new block method and I don’t like it :)

Or I should rather write “I don’ get it” or “It’s not so [beep] easy to switch from old style to new one” B)

Of course, that’s still only my opinion :)

martin, why?

i don´t know…it was so easy and fast…just like tracker use to be 8)

…sorry, i´m just lil bit retarded :D 8)

peace, robert