[Already Available] Select Track/instrument Trough Midi

Now I have to use mouse or keyboard short-cuts to select track and instrument, or if there are notes auto-grab would pick up the instrument. In either case, I have to fiddle with the laptop and look at the screen.

I’m thinking that it would be nice if I could map instrument selection and track selection to buttons on my BCR2000. With a press of a button (or perhaps twisting a knob) I would select an instrument and the right track, and be ready to play/record… without taking my hands off the MIDI-controllers. I could even record things on the fly in a live situation.

Also a MIDI-mappable undo button would be useful especially in a live situation.

They already exist, press ctrl+m and search the list.

Oh right, I should have figured. Great, shouldn’t be a problem to map things as I imagined it. Thanks! Sorry for posting before researching enough. This topic can be closed/removed.

maybe I haven’t researched your request enough though :) ; I have mapped bcr rotaries to ‘tab’ through tracks or browse instruments, but have not mapped buttons to select a particular track or instrument, click through them. Not sure if the latter is possible without having to edit the bcr’s button behavior through behringer’s editor or on the machine itself.

It worked just fine. I edited the buttons output on the BCR, first button max value 1, second max 2 etc. And mapped them to “Current Track [set]” and “Current Instrument [set]”. Then used the magic of Bidule to send feedback value of zero to switch off all LEDs, and on release (with a few ms delay) send a value of 127 to the one pressed.