[already done] More Redefinable Keyboard Shortcuts, Please

I grew up with the SoundTracker -> ProTracker -> FastTracker -> MadTracker evolution…

The transition from this line of trackers to Renoise would be a lot less painful, if more keyboard shortcuts were freely redefinable.


  • ESC toggles editing. There’s no way to change it to SPACE, as it were in this line of trackers. Ouchy.

  • Increase/decrease edit-step. Locked in on some CTRL-combo, I desperately need to change this to be a single key, not a friggin’ combo for something I use every four seconds… ouch

It’s hard to give up habits that have grown into you since 1988 ;) … Okay, in honesty, of course I don’t remember what the keyboard layout was like in Master Soundtracker 1.0 in 1988, but at least ProTracker, FT2, MT2 had the same functionality on the SPACE key. Not sure about edit-step, but it seems to me, such an integral part of editing functionality, ought to be customizable?

Dig a little deeper, mate. You can remap all of those keys no problem. I have edit toggle mapped to spacebar myself :)

In the key config editor in Renoise 1.8, look under the “Pattern Editor” section.
Pattern Editor > Play > Toggle EditMode
Pattern Editor > Edit Step > Increase EditStep
Pattern Editor > Edit Step > Decrease EditStep

OMG, I didn’t see the dropdown at all - sorry about that, apparently everything is fully configurable … awesome - thanks! :)

It’s not just configurable, it also displays neatly in a browser so you can print it out ;)

Yet another thread concludes with Renoise rocking socks. :o

damn straight! :)

I think a nice little addition would be to have a box where you can test what each key combo does.

I know you can do this at the moment when you are attempting to edit a shortcut, but this involves removing the original setting.

How about a little box at the bottom you can click, then hit the combo to test what it does? This would make it a lot easier to find out where things are in the mega-extensive list of shortcuts.


no, you don’t need to remove the original setting:
just click on the test box, type in the shortcut and the current assignment, if any, will be shown; if you don’t push on the “assign” button, the current setting will not be overwritten