[already exists]Ctrl + Mouse Click, Allows For Resetting A Slider.

This is also something that is present in most software:

By pressing mouse and controller key, for example a fader will reset itself to 0dB and left&right panning settings will reset themselves to center.

Very functional, amidst songmaking and testing different settings and resetting a channel quickly.


Maybe quicker resetting of the initial state on every parameters in some way would be nice (definitely when EQing etc). Perhaps from the last load?
Anyways, nice idea and I would use it. :)

Yes, this is usually appliable to all parameters, in most software - regardless of the platform.

Should be already implemented, just double click the parameter name.

Oh lol. Nice! :D

It doesn’t work for the EQ, because the names double as faders are changeable themselves.

You have to click between the Herz value and the arrows. ;)

Ahh ok, that wasn’t so hard lol.