[Already Exists] Thin Matrix Blocks

This would give me a lot more workspace without to big a sacrafice:

I realise the track names would have to go at some point but I wouldn’t care one bit :lol:

Left-click these guys to change the height, right-click to change the width.

2877 matrix_blocks.png

Can’t get exactly as thin as your image, but still pretty damn close.

edit: right-click, sjeesh :lol:
Thanks man!

Should go thinner than that, it doesn’t display the full track title of “Track 02” as you can see in your screenshot at the thinnest width. But you’ve made it wider and thinner with the right mouse button and that’s where it seems to stop for you?..

No I photoshopped the second picture, I didn’t know about the rightmouseclickthing… It’s all good now.