[already implemented] Custom Mixer Controls...

Okay, well, the reason I don’t use the mixer is because I’m so used to adjusting the volumes, inserting effects via the track that it’s just redundant to me. HOWEVER…I would use it if it had the following feature:

Add custom controllers to it.

What I mean by this is for each strip, you could, for instance, right-click-drag a knob or slider from any generator or effect into it so you could have a paneled interface that controls all your necessary synth/effects from a single window without any clutter…i.e.

I’d typically only use cutoff/res knobs from a synth or filter…i could drag those to the mixer and it would auto insert sliders for those, with labels of course. Then for another track, maybe I want to control an lfo rate for flanger only…drag it over…rinse and repeat and you’d have a global view of all your most used effects. It would really shine for live playing, even if all you had was a mouse.

What do you think? To keep it from getting too crazy, there could be a limit to how many sliders per strip…i.e. 4-8. Also, a button to switch between what effects are inserted on the track and the custom controllers would probably be wise for those that actually use the mixer.

I hope this suggestion makes sense…

and they don’t have to be sliders…knobs would be fine too, with their numerical value written somewhere near them, again, along with the name of the parameter. Just imagine a screen filled with your top tweaked parameters to play with easily without any windows…fun fun fun.

Oh one more thing i just thought of…

If you have a midi controller (i.e. I’m using an oxygen 8), then you could have it where a mixing strip with a ‘focus’ would quickly remap the knobs/controllers on your midi controller…they’d be previously mapped (i.e. mixer strip 1 = knob 1 -> cuttoff, knob 2 -> res, knob 3 -> lfo 1 rate…mixer strip 2 = knob 1 -> lfo rate, knob 2 -> lfo amount…mixer strip 3 etc.) There could be numbers on the program’s indicators telling you which physical midi controller knob/slider controls it, then a highlight box over the mixer strip letting you know that it is currently active on your controller.

Okay, done drooling and rambling about it.

Good day!

Color me retarded! Today is the first day I’ve used 1.9…didn’t realize it was in there! Was using 1.5.2 for a while due to the fact I didn’t think the newer versions would hold up on my meager system…thanks for making me look like an idiot while enlightening me…


Holy shit… I didn’t know that was there… that might push the mixer onto my “kickass features that can save me time” list as well.

I love your sense of humour :dribble:


I wasn’t aware I had one of those :o

sweet, I didn’t know about this either. thanks for the PRO TIP

It is in the manual. But not everybody seems to (be able to) read it.