[Already implemented] Customizable fonts

Especially for the pattern editor contents, that would be awesome.

…or maybe even the possibility to use system fonts from the host OS in Renoise - maybe this could be limited to raster (bitmap) fonts to avoid slowdowns in the user interface?

Head over to your Renoise installation folder. Go to Skins>Fonts.

Place your fonts in there and edit the config file accordingly.

To change the Pattern editor fonts, you need to rename your replacement fonts to either “PatternFont Small”, “PatternFont Big” or “PatternFont Huge”.

Ah, thanks - didn’t know that!!

What formats can i use for the fonts? i see TTF and windows fonts… any others can be used?

Don’t ask, try.

On a related topic, i copied the “Resources/Skin” directory to my ~/.renoise/V2.8.1/Resources/ and it doesn’t use the modified Metronome.wav i made in that directory…