[Already Implemented] Import Midi

i can see the reasons why it would not work, but would be great to import midi from other songs to use within renoise! :D

Have you actually tried loading a .MID file?

yes, with all the other daws ive used it tends to be in file-import-import midi or something like that. i just had a look round right now and cant seem to find where to import midi, a little help? ^_^

just load it as you would do with any XRNS, like for example by drag and dropping the file on Renoise window or using the Disk Operation Renoise panel: Disk Op panel also shows MID files, not just XRNS files

oh right i see! i was looking out for something specifically saying ‘import midi’ haha thanks alot! :D

In the preferences you have import options, there you can amongst others set if a specific midi out device should be used to create the instruments.
That’s the only pre-configuration you can do before starting to import, but other than that it is less complicated than you expect.

thanks for this. I wasn’t aware of midi import either. how about midi export?