[already implemented] Instrument Lfos

I’m sure I’ve said this before and others have mentioned it, but as it’s quite a small to implement but important (IMO) thing I thought I’d make a new thread.

LFOs in the instrument editor:

Sync behaviour dropdown menu:

  • Restart on Note On (default, as it is now)
  • Free (never restarts)

Any other options that might be useful (Note Off?)

This will help to make sample based instruments behave more like a synthesizer - ie. LFO on the picth to detune things in the BoC style.

To save CPU, instead of having all the LFOs ticking away in the background when the audio they would be affecting is not audible, a variable for the last known position of the LFO at what time should be set as the intrument fades away into silence, so when a new note is played this info can be used to determine where the LFO would be if the note had been held all this time.
Make any sense?

+1 from me.

Me too.

I thought that ghost noting was invented for that (which currently works in 1.5)…
Leave the instrument number away behind the follow-up note to keep the envelope (and also the LFO’s) running… (the first note in the track or subcolumn should ofcourse have the targetted instrument reference)
This gives you a choice wether to or not to initialise the envelopes and LFO’s and is more powerfull than having a one-static choice in the instrument editor that you can’t change from within the pattern editor.

So you already have the power to reinitialise the envelope or LFO value at any particular point in the pattern editor you want or actually don’t want:even on tick level!

the option to do both would be ideal as there are benifits to each

ghost noting having more control

and leaving an LFO running in the instrument editor (not retriggered with note on) means less commands in the pattern editor .

. . .

to have the LFOs cycle at slower rates than is currently possible in the instrument editor would be very nice. . . .

Aaah, so you can do it already.
It seems to be a bit of a ‘hidden’ feature though.

To be honest, i had to quickly test it to prevent i had to retreat my answer:i didn’t knew it for sure.
I have a spooky intuition sometimes…