[already implemented] Lfo Device, Ability To Automate "reset&quot

I have often found myself in a pickle trying to reliably reproduce lfo effects, largely due to the fact that they never seem to be in the same point in the frequency as the trigger is independent from the rest of the tracker. It would be great if this could be done somehow. I know trigger events aren’t really likening to the dsp automation interface that exists, but even some sort of hacked together attempt where it triggers every time an automation crosses the 50% mark would be great, since any way is better than no way! Of course the problem with that approach is that it would be theoretically impossible to trigger the lfo at the very start of a file, as the first event programmed doesn’t register as a “change” (as far as I know…)

anyway, this would be much appreciated, I want to lfo more things and be able to hear the same result every time i hit play :)

x600 / rightclicking the reset button ?

ah the little things that slip past me in updates :)