[already implemented]Organise .xrns And Samples By Last Modified?

Again my crappy english! sorry!

renoise tracks and samples are organised by name in the browser…
Could you make an option to organise by date?
Sometimes i make 20 new sample kicks with an external software and when i want them in renoise i have to pass all my sample list to find them! (and worse when i made thoses samples 2 days before)
I also create at least 4 .xrns per day… 2 days later, i don t remember exactly which ones i created in this night (and much more hard if i was drunk or worse)
It s not ULTRAIMPORTANT but it can make my life more happy :)

Rightclick in the file view and choose “Sort->Date”. ;)

Right-click in the file list in the Disk Browser. You can choose to sort by Name, Size or Date.

Edit: Beatslaughter beat me to it by a few seconds!

Btw, it seems to sort by date, not datetime (if you know what I mean). If I made several tracks today, those will not be sorted by most recent, but (I think) alphabetically.

right clicking in every folder gets old quickly, a permanent details bar like in a xp explorer window would be much better.

Holy f****! Thank you for this thread, oh gods of Renoise. Now if only we could sort VSTs by date too =p

ok! now i know that “sort” means “organise” !!! hihihihihi

I want a french patch!!!