[already implemented] Shortcut For Skipping To Next Note

Something like this may already exist for all i know, but i haven’t found it.

I’m thinking something like a ctrl-space or something that moves down to the next line with a note on it, within the current track of course.

If the cursor is moved to the first digit in the current column as well, it could make for a fast workflow for entering effect numbers over the whole pattern.

If the current column is the effect column, the cursor position would be moved to the 3rd digit.

Just rambling. But it’d be nice.

Christ never mind :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’m an idiot. dBlue has corrected me.

I have not seen DBlue’s comment but just for those who would like to know the answer to the question in the first place:
lctrl+lshift+pgup / pgdn

wow, learned something new today + useful!

hah! nice one!

Yeah well, sorry that the keyconfig instructions are not as obvious as expected about this:

Move to Previous Row with Note Shift + Control + Prior
Move to Next Row with Note Shift + Control + Next