[already possible] Very Simple Suggestion (Keyboard remapping)

Hi. I’m a PC developer and ever since the dawn of time I’ve been using Ctrl-Insert and Shift-Insert to cut and paste instead of Ctrl-V and… whatever the other one is. Windows supports both shortcuts - can these please be supported in Renoise also? Windows has supported this ever since the days of the MSDOS editor EDIT.EXE and the likes - and I believe OS/2 used these shortcuts rather than the normal Windows shortcuts.


I know these are very old shortcuts, but they are deprecated, however you can assign these yourself.

Go to “Preferences” -> Keys
Select “Pattern Editor” on the upper dropdown list, then go to “Block Operations” and expand it and then reassign Copy and Paste options in the “new assignment box” (Select Copy, then the new assignment field then hit your key-combo, then click on “Assign”).
Just also watch that you resolve conflict situations. (If you override, the other shortcut gets cleared!)

Thanks Vv. You are good at coming to my rescue. Much appreciated!