[Already There] Autodetect Slices

Hi I’m using pHATmatik in almost all my tracks… but the other day I was checking the renoise “sample slicing thing”… really cool feature!! … but the main thing I miss is the “autodetection of beats” like in phatmatik:

You just set the sensitivity and then push a button and the sample will be autosliced… and afterwards you can set the slices like you want 'm…

will this be possible/sciptable?

damned!! could not find it in the online manual!! thanks! no need for phatmatik no more!!


here you go: http://tutorials.renoise.com/wiki/Sample_Editor#Slicing_Markers

I have used the slices feature possibly once for testing. Can anyone convince me why I should use this feature instead of taking 2 minutes of my time Ctrl+Shift+C’ing a sample up?
There’s more disadvantage (imo); you can’t edit, put loop points and can’t use layers with the slice-tool.

I can see it’s useful if you’re either really lazy or have carpal tunnel or anything of that kind.

i share your experience. but i know why it is useful: any kind of feature is useful in some way simply because it can alter the way you look at things. say, for example, you use a less obvious sample. so instead of a breakbeat, you use a voice sample. auto-slice that, and see what you get as a result. that’s why i find it an interesting feature.