[Already There] Delay For Note Off

It may sound a bit strange , but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to use the delay column for note off’s ?
At it’s current state , the note off always ends exactly on a certain line , when able to use the dalay column , we can make note’s that slightly overlap each other(the amount of overlap is determind by the delay value of the first note off ) Crucial for slide effects when using a 303 vst emulator

Nobody ?


Not only for 303s, but could add to the humanizing approach as well.


oh yes this’d be useful!

this can already be done:
set the note off normally and then use the delay column to tell how much delay the note off must have

note ins del  
C-4 01 --  
off -- 20  

by the way, this can also be done on volume and panning column using the Dx command

Damn I feel like a donkey right now
Anyway …so happy it’s already there !

Aha, which of the below donkeys expresses your feelings the best?

don’t worry, I’m one of those who sometimes write topics like this one, and I am part of the team :)

I would die if it was possible to put in a negative delay value for note off, meaning you could run with a low LPB and still get good resolution with slow scrolling speed.
The speed makes me not able to read the notes comfortably, which was also a reason why I suggested smooth scrolling. I feel the old age creeping in on me, forgive me for crying like an old idiot :(

you can use the Fx command on the volume or panning column to stop a note on the same row where it started:

note ins vol  
C-3 01 F3  

will stop the note after 3 ticks