[Already There] Multi-Cpu Core Capacity

I’d like to be able to use more than one VST plug-in at a time and I wonder if it is possible to write the software to become aware of multi-core CPU motherboards and to take advantage of that so that particular VST plug-ins can be assigned to particular CPUs so that one could play multiple VST plug-ins simultaneously. That would be a great feature.

I think that already work

yeah man, make sure it isn’t there before you beg for it.

That was supported since i believe… 1.8? 1.9

I was told that you can only play one VST plug-in at a time – is that not correct? Can you assign more than one plug-in to each of the CPUs?

What Bantai already wrote applies here.

Some plugin manufacturers have written their plugin in that manner that it can only be instanciated once. Either poor programming as a cause or simply on purpose when this regards a demo-version of a plugin. This however has nothing to do with cpu and cores but only the architecture of the plugin itself. And this also does not apply to all plugins.

Is it still true that VSTs can only use a single core themselves too? Or is that just the majority of them now and depends on coding? An output per core on multi-output VSTs maybe?

Some plugins support multicore natively, Renoise can not influence their behavior there.
Some vst plugins are not multicore aware and crash (I thought the older vstsynth plugins belonged to these group). There is a “can run in multiplrocessor environments” setting that is unchecked for these plugins.

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