[Already There] Phase Offset For Lfo Meta Device

Hey there,

I really really miss the possibility for phase offsets / shift of the LFO meta device
I know that I can do controlled resets via pattern fx, but the oscillation start always at zero.
I know that I can create hand-drawn LFO’s and automate the LFO frequency, but it’s not the same.

Taktik: I think it should be not too difficult to implement this, or ? Would have an huge impact
especially for genres like DnB and Dubstep !

What do you guys think ?

The pattern effect for resetting the LFO also lets you set the start position.

the path to 'levitating guru ’ is long, for a reason :ph34r:

Here’s a little thing I did which uses some LFO tricks to modulate a bassline at different speeds in sync with the tune.

Normally it’s quite tricky to set the LFO speed directly with pattern commands, since you lose some accuracy with the 00-FF range. You might want to use speed 3.000 precisely, which gets recorded into the pattern as command 1554 when we adjust the slider to the correct position, but when you play the pattern back you find that 1554 actually sets the speed parameter to 3.036 instead. The loss of accuracy there can be better or worse depending on what you’re doing.

You can of course get around it by using automation envelopes instead which give you very precise control over the values being set, but for this particular task I prefer the immediacy of pattern commands. My set up in this song is a bit weird, but you can see how I’ve combined a few devices in order to easily trigger specific pre-programmed LFO speeds via pattern commands.


Hope this helps or at least gives you some ideas :)

wow … indeed have overseen the start position offset feature :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot guys

@DBlue: will check out your demo for sure, thank you !

@GentleclockDivider: agree ^^

Though I still wish there would be a phase offset slider. It would be automateable via envelopes and so on.

Ok checked out DBlue’s demo. Interesting solution with the hand drawn sine wave and the freq speed curve. Sounds pretty smooth.
I usually use the automation envelope for setting the LFO frequency, but that’s a nice alternative.

EDIT:just tried copying Dblue s chain and sample to an excisting xrns of mine,and changed the bpm to 120 but all i get is a "squising"sound,dont know if something isent being "saved"properly when you copy from 1 instance of renoise to another??

Guess you lost the pattern automation commands !?
That happens to me often if I move a DSP to another track for instance

yes that was what was happening,kind of annoying really,would be nice if renoise also kept the automation commands when moving/copy/paste tracks

100% agree and suggested before. Annoyed me when moving LFOs and Signal Followers in the past (and maybe other things too.)

That’s pretty neat! :)
But I was thinking, at that precision, the differences aren’t noticable are they?
Or, my question, what instance would require this extra precision?

I quickly tested with your example xrns and couldn’t hear a difference.

For short bursts it’s usually not such a big deal, but let’s say you want to run the LFO for a longer duration like a whole pattern or even your whole song - those small differences will eventually add up and cause the LFO to drift out of sync. It may not be a big deal and it totally depends on what you’re doing, but if you’re trying to have some modulations that sync up perfectly with your beats, then it’s important to use precise LFO timings that won’t drift around.

It’s kind of a personal thing, too, but that 0.036 really bugs me, haha. :)

Damn dbblue that’s a very nice trick. You simply copied the value’s of frequencies from the Automation editor to the Lfo Device? CLEVER! B)
In my presets of the custom shapes now! ;)

Not that I do wobble’s but damn that can come in handy.