[Already There] Q-Handles

Now that the EQ is a bit more graphical, it is perhaps a cool idea to add “q-handles” as well.

No idea how it could be implanted without getting too messy though…

I kinda like this idea. They could show the moment you click an eq-point and disappear when you click another. (so that means implementing ‘active’ eq points)

have you tried your right mouse button lately ?

lol thanks. :P

Hahaha niice, I didn’t know that either…

Oh wait I have a good idea (I think)!

What about selecting multiple points at the time? (Select using left-click, perhaps shift-click. Move the points up/down/sideways by holding left click and controlling multiple points’ Q with right click.)

How bout that?

How bout that?

Yeah how bout that? I think it’d be cool. B)