[Already There] Sample Editor: Making Selections

i don’t think i read this suggestion before, but correct me if i’m wrong:

to my knowledge, it is currently not possible to edit your selection; with that i mean to extend or retract a selection by means of pulling on little two-way arrows when hovering over either side of the selection.

i thought about the possibilities for scripting this, but i think you cannot do this other than through a system of sliders and/or value input boxes, which i think would be a not so elegant way of implementing this, when compared to the (common) suggestion above.


[corrected for stoned-ass spelling mistakes]

When you have made a selection as normal, you can use the right mouse button to adjust the start/end points, instead of the left mouse button.

ha! seems strange to have such a useful thing hidden away, but thanks for the tip! might be useful to create a statusbar-message when making a selection in the sample editor, which says ‘hold shift and drag to edit your selection’ or something along those lines.

you can close the topic i guess.

You can find plenty of other useful tips on the manual/tutorials site: http://tutorials.renoise.com/wiki/Sample_Editor#Wave_View

thanks, i’ll look through it and hope to avoid these questions in the future :)

So how do I drag the selection around?

You don’t, that deserves a suggestion topic on its own.