ALSA RealTime Priority thread

The pactl command worked, I just needed to start Jack. Got this output this time:
Using Jack fixes the crackling issue, but I still have the issue that other programs will not play media while Renoise is open. Even after closing Renoise still nothing will play. I tried going into my main volume control and switching the output from “JACK sink” to headphone out, still nothing. I ended up having to reboot to get audio to work again.

Ok…please try now without the pactl command, maybe it is unnecessary and messes things up.

When you have jack running, and look at the “connect” window in qjack, in the “Audio” tab - do you see a pulseaudio sink/source besides the “system” and renoise?

What is the output of the terminal command pactl list | grep module-jack, without jack running, and does it print more lines (sink and source) when jack is running?

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Can’t find the audio tab in QjackCtl, not sure what you mean by that one.

pactl list | grep module-jack outputs Name: module-jackdbus-detect whether Jack is on or off.

In Qjackctl the audio tab is in the window that pops up when you hit the connect/connection button.

try the terminal command to when jack is running: pactl load-module module-jack-sink;pactl load-module module-jack-source;pacmd set-default-sink jack_out

Assuming the “connect” button means the start button, there’s no window that shows up.

Also, is that not the same command as earlier? I posted that it worked when I had Jack on, am I missing something here?

Weird new development: suddenly I can play things in other programs while Renoise is open, if JACK is running and I’m using the JACK sink as an output from my main volume control (i.e. not pavucontrol). No idea what changed or what I did differently here.

Cool so it works now as intended? I believe in Ubuntu 20.04 I just needed to install the package & once set things up in pavucontrol for things to work.