Alt F5 Paste To Selection Top Left Corner Rather Than Cursor Position

Have been working on Renoise a lot recently and im missing an option to paste copied selection (alt-f5) to the same place ? This will help SOOO much in making music “on the fly” , can anyone help me to do this or do i have to stop the song each time and move the cursor to the position ? :angry:

the only 100% copy to the same place regardless of the cursor position currently is pattern- and track copy (shift F4 /F5 and ctrl F4/F5).
Well track copy ofcourse into the currently selected track.

You can use the advanced edit to leave out certain data that you don’t want to copy along.

i think i know what you mean and i got used to just move to the top left corner of the selection, press ctrl+c, then press ctrl+cursor_down to move exactly one pattern downwards and then ctrl+p.
so you can quickly paste the selection into many patterns at the right position.

haven’t found a “better” way yet, but for me it’s sufficient.

Press scroll lock and your problems vanish. Of course when you change pattern the play position absurdly jumps along but there’s no helping that.

I pressed scroll-lock and my problems didnt vanish at all!
When im making a song i really like to keep the song ‘playing’ to keep creative juices flowing! Its really counter productive to keep stopping the song to move cursor position , when all i want to do is clone the current selection over newly created patterns!
What about a Shift-Alt-F5 or Alt-F9 to be able to achieve this ? it cant be really hard to implement ? or can it !?
Im pleading with Renoise developers! :yeah:

So if you want to paste into different pattern that is playing that isn’t and won’t be possible afaik. If you want to paste to the pattern that is playing you can change cursor position by turning play position follow off. That should detach the cursor from the play position line so it’s freely movable around the pattern that is currently playing.

I agree that one should be able to edit whatever pattern he wishes to despite where the song is playing. Actually I made a thread about it ages ago. ThaLink ist heer.