Alternate Version of a Song I Made

Hey users, so i’ve been working on a project for about almost, if not, a year now. And it’s finally finished! If you look back at a couple of my older posts, you can see me talking about it, but for a while, i honestly thought that it would never come to fruition. One of the main reasons i thought this, was simply that after the 5th song, i pretty much couldn’t finish any of the new songs i started up after, either i got discouraged, or i just thought it didn’t belong, or some other reason.

However, once i put finishing, above all other worries, i finally managed to complete the album, and get it out the door. I think there was a lot of things that i could’ve done differently, and i definitely learned a lot while making it, but I’m glad that i committed to it, and stuck with it for so long, and i definitely plan on making a sequel, that will pretty much get more of what i wanted to express in this one.

The song in this post however, is a alternate version of the first track on the album. I basically just tried to strip my first song down to it’s most essential elements, and compose something more straightforward for the last song on the album, as a closing track,

So that’s pretty much what this post is about, as always, if you have any feedback on; composition, mixing, or a specific section, etc, feel free to share, I’m always looking for things that i can improve on, and get better at.

Also once i get the stems to all of the tracks rendered out and in a zip file, I’ll post them here, XRNI files too. Also, all of my music is free to download, and this album is too, so if you want to sample anything them, use them in a video, or something of that nature, feel free to go ahead and do that.

I think that’s everything so here’s the link for you to listen: Listen to Noods! (Cassette Mix) by Professional Amateur in Musical Capsule (Vol. 1) playlist online for free on SoundCloud

Thank you for reading this post, and thank you very much for taking the time to listen, i hope you enjoy. Cheers!