Alternative for Voxengo Sample Delay?


I need a simple “buffer-delay” vst that fills in a specific PDC amount. There is voxengo latency delay, but it is useless for me, because it always introduces a PDC of 200ms. Any idea for me? Help please!

Is the built-in Renoise PDC Test Delay the wrong sort of PDC? I’m genuinely curious.

I need “negative delay”, PDC delay doesn’t seem to work like voxengo sample delay.

… In other words a delay that sets a PDC without adding a delay buffer at all, or so… :smashed:

Ok, I could set the drum / trigger track’s delay to negative, and then after the signal follower the same latency positive using a delay or pdc delay device… But its ugly.

Ohhhhhhhh. Yeah, no negative delay. Maybe you could set every other track that doesn’t need the delay to have the PDC Test Delay set to whatever amount of delay you need! Yeah! FUNNNNNNNNN!!! Especially if you have to reproduce it like 40 times :smiley: Joking here :slight_smile:

:laughing: Such a pity that voxengo sample delay has this ugly static 200ms pdc… WHY??

whenever in doubt, check airwindows gems

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Ah ok, but it has 1024 samples static PDC, too. Also using samples seems to be not a good idea, making it sample rate dependent. Sadly the source is not on the Airwindows github.

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btw i love ‘time shift’ native plugin in bitwig - which lets you do whatever you want in this manner, while in renoise i do that manually in arranger :D:slight_smile:

Mabye this can hellp yu?!!

Mutility doesn’t work? It has a checkbox for “report as latency” but I dunno.

DMG Track Control?

-allows negative delay in ms (and sub ms)
-0 latency in normal non negative operation

track control 0ms

track control -ms

Note : does seem to be some display discrepancy in plug for ms values, renoise is correct here at 44.1k


YAY! Thanks Ledger!

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Also prompted by this thread, I just updated my Nudge Track Delay tool with a sample calculation for the ms output if interested: (v0.52 in latest post)

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