Alternative Hardware Controllers

I penned an article for sonicstate on alternative controllers, the weird ones, the leftfield ones, and obscure ones! Theres probably enough for a part 2 soon, do you own any of these?

What controllers do you use?



Using the Keystep 37 and it is great, gives me ideas and stuff, really like it.

Since ive got the superb Renoise tool called MUC (MIDI Universal Controller),
which is a very powerful tool that helps you map pretty much as much as you
would like to a midi controller… I’m now planning on buying something like the
Akai MidiMix and mapping it up using the MUC. Gonna be so great, cant wait!

Cool article btw, never heard of many of the controllers that you go into.

Ah cool, I’ve not heard of the MUC! I have tonnes of weird controllers which I have no use for might take a look!

Glad you learnt something, there are a load more. I have this weird Stanton SCS 3M which I’ve literally never used but have been reluctant to throw away.

Great article although i new most of them i dont own any but that Expressive E Touché and the ROLI Blocks are on my list.For live performance/composing i think this type of controllers are a must