Alternative To Beatslicer



I have a very hard time following your post right now, quite tired.

But something just came to mind.

If beatslicing is implemented it would be nice if you were able to start a beat at the end of a sample and have the beat end at the start of the sample.

Just something for the developers to keep in mind.

Directwave by RIP Arguru. Should do a lot of what beatslicing would in Renoise.

But its very obvious that Renoise should have sample offset/slicing improvements sooner or later.

There was a lot of thought involed in there, but the real issue is the fact that keysplits are only truly keysplits of they can have their own envelopes. My dad’s old TS-12 could have 16 keysplits, each with their own envelopes on a single patch. Why is this so foreign in renoise? It’s just messy to have a lot of different instruments with multiples of EXACT SAME SAMPLE loaded just to have a new envelope…

So I think you should address keysplits as well with your method. I like the idea of easy slicing and magnetizing 9xx because that’s generally what I use, except in some cases where it sounds more natural to pre-chop the loop into individual samples. It’s just annoying that drum loop chopping (in general, not just in renoise) is treated in such a way that one master envelope will make all of the hits of the loop sound good, but this isn’t true at all. If you have a loop with both 8th note and 16th note parts, then the envelopes have to be manipulated for EACH…an 8th note envelope will completely make a 16th note hit sound like crap and a 16th note envelope will make an 8th note hit too short and many drum loops contain both, if not more, like quarter notes.

I’d gladly take a little bit of time to program my instrument to save time in the composition process than to take time out of my composition frenzy to ‘fix things’ with sample slicing all the time…it totally interrupts my flo’.



yeah. I think so too… you could assign the keyzones if you’d use the slices inside the parenting instrument. This kind of flexibility is why i think parenting instrument would be a good way to approach a slicer…

…but … just brainstorming :)


And um… BTW. after doing the post i’ve found out that Fruityloops has quite similar working methods as well as the FXPansion GURU -slicer and Arguru’s DirectWave already allow the overlapping slices…

I like what you’ve done there :)

IMO your idea is pretty close to how it should be. I’m not sure about the offset implementation (but I haven’t yet reread your post yet).

My way of doing it would be to have the slices triggered by fx commands (eg 0SXX etc), combined with your envelope-per-slice method. Separate loops per sample would be also be nice (especially ping pong loops which can be as an alternative to time stretching). The original offset command could be maintained for each slice, for example, you could have 0SXX on one effect column and 09XX in another. This way the systems overlap if necessary. People who hate the idea of a beatslicer can totally ignore it and just use 09XX.

I hope I haven’t just repeated everything in your original post!

out of ALL the breakbeats in the world you chose the Amen :rolleyes: :P :lol:

But having read all that in all seriousness… +1 :yeah: +1 :yeah: +1 :yeah: +1 :yeah:

+1 +1 +1!!! :drummer:

don’t just use this forum, email the renoise guys too, hell, i’d even pay £50 extra if this was in it!

yeah maybe i should… I’ve just thought that i dont want to bother them with ideas they do not find useful - as good a solution as this would be for the tracking environment.

If they have had the time I’m hoping they have read this post.


um actually in other words what i wrote earlier… sorry to all if the presentation is hard to follow. The preview mode and final posting totally differ and therefor this looks totally diffenent after posting it to the forum. Anyhow i hope some people would have the time to look at the ideas if they are interested because i’d like to evoke conversation on this subject - wheter it would work or would this idea have some flaws…

peace and good vibes…

bump and +1 … this improves on many of my ideas of a proper beatslicer.

Not read the original post, but I can see you put in a monsterous amount of effort in, so thanks for that!

I can also see you use widescreen monitor. ;) But as said:

And to this day I have never ever needed a beatslicer inside a tracker. I see it could have some usage, but as far as my opinion is concerned it’s enough to have drag’n drop-copy/cut function. And maybe sample-tied envelopes (which have been suggested and discussed here.)

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