Alternative To Caps Lock Key

I’m getting super tired of hitting the Caps Lock twice every time I want a note off command. Anyone have a suggestion for another good key to assign to note off?

I just don’t want to fuck up other mappings, so if there’s something I can swap it with that would work well for the other key as well that would be the best.

Or perhaps there’s a way to make it input one every time the key is pressed? And if so, what about not actually affecting Caps Lock for other programs? Is that possible?

Also, why is that the default note off key anyway?

How about this one?

Commonly referred to as the ‘tilde’ key.

Historical reasons I guess. It was the same in other trackers that came before Renoise.

You have to keep in mind that older trackers used to be DOS based, so using caps lock wasn’t an issue because you weren’t actually multi-tasking :)

Good idea. I don’t use the metronome too often, so that’d be perfect for the Caps Lock key.

nods Makes sense.

I still thing ‘A’ is a better option. (even suggested by taktik)
It isn’t used yet and its right beside the caps lock key.

Thanks for your suggestions of a good keys!

It’s irritating to see the green light once on and once off as it has no sense in this case.

Now i’ve got an idea that i would use it for record mode!!!

The A key doesn’t have another function currently?

I thought about that, but I like the Esc key’s isolation up in the top left. Maybe though.

ah, good call… it’s adjacent to caps and easy to remember!

I disabled Caps Lock on my computer anyway, so it works great for me!

disable crusie ctrl? u mad??? <:

He disabled it, so he’s a monk.

I actually disabled it so I could map it to tab, since my tab button has been linked to my ‘a’ key since I spilled water on my keyboard, resulting in the typing of the letter ‘a’ every time I tabbed. However, Renoise ignores key re-mappings made in the Windows Registry, so it still treats Caps Lock as Caps Lock.

Another suggestion for MacBook users could be to remap HELP-KEY/INS (I couldn’t find it) to something else.

So I have “Delete Whole Row” as SHIFT+BACK and “Insert New Row” as ALT+BACK for example. (You can find it under Pattern Editor > Insert/Delete.)

Sorry that it’s off-topic and should be somewhere under Recommended Key Bindings or alternative Key Mappings For Download… maybe in future.

PS: Attachments? Well I’ll put it here (also with green-light edit mode by CAPS-LOCK, if the light has another state than record button simply synchronize it by mouse-click:)). I have new MBP.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that in this file note OFF is mapped to the A key as it has been suggested by others!
“`” key for Insert New Row still works as it remainded the 2nd variant in the file.

“`” you’ll get used to it in a week.

Funny that when I reset all key bindings it’s not there but i have it in that file i saved before…
And yes, i just couldn’t remember this key… so maybe shift-back vs. alt-back is more like mnemonic.