Alternative To Energyxt For Mac?

Hi there,
I want audio tracks for recording vocals, etc. in Renoise - it’s the only thing stopping me from buying it. I’ve seen that one solution is to get EnergyXT and use that, but I’ve got a Mac and there’s no version available for it. Anyone knows any solutions (ideally free,)?


Have you tried the demo? You don’t need EnergyXT to record vocals in Renoise. It may make it easier to manage, but it’s not a necessity.

What kind of functionality are you looking for?

I’ve tried the demo and love it. But I need dedicated audio tracks, it doesn’t cut it to record an audio sample, then try to line it up properly and all the rest of the hassle.

For example, if I do multiple takes and I want to take the first half of one take, and the second half of another, yes you can do it with samples, but it means spending a fair amount of time trimming samples and moving them about to get the right timing. It’s far from easy. I want to be able to loop a block and hear the audio, even if it’s not the block that the audio started in. I know you can do it with sample offsets, but setting that up is just wasted time I want to spend on something else.

So what I need is something that records multiple tracks of audio (although one at a time is fine by me,) let’s me drag it about, cut it up and doesn’t require constant re-triggering to keep in sync with the tune. I’ve heard the EnergyXT can do it but I’m looking for alternatives for mac.

Cool, well if you find one, I’m interested.

Otherwise patience will will probably pay off in the Arranger, a theoretical feature yet to be implemented. Sort of like a messiah, but once it gets here, no one will believe it and it will be crucified by critics? Haha.

Well, I’ve been searching and I’m failing. I can’t believe there’s not a vsti out there that lets you record audio and sync it in playback. My only possible is Plogue Bidule - does anyone know if this would work? They’ve not got a vsti demo, so I can’t find out myself.

If you want to hold on your money some of the best choices the way I see it is:
a.] run Ardour 2 natively on OSX.
b.] run XP natively on your Intel Mac with XT2/Renoise.
c.] run Parallel Desktop with XP and XT2/REAPER/whatever-win-daw-you-like on your Intel Mac.
d.] rewire Ableton Live to Renoise


a) But how would I sync Ardour to Renoise? I want to hear it as I write the music, so exporting wavs of the tracks isn’t a good solution.

b.) Yes, I could do that. I’m trying to keep this in the osx domain though.

c) I think that would be quite a performance hit.

d) Renoise doesn’t have rewire. Unless I’m mistaken?