Always Confused About The Pattern I'm Editing In The Pattern Seque

There is an inconsistancy with the Matrix which I’ve just noticed but if ironed out would help me a lot.

With Focus Lock Off when you click anywhere but the Matrix Focus moves to that are [and] your click works on what you clicked on.

When you click on the Matrix, no matter where you click, it Focuses the Matrix but does not perform the click operation.

If that first click also went through, rather than only Focus change, then I think it would help with not thinking I’ve moved everything when I haven’t.

Although the idea to somehow make it more pronounced is definitely something I support.

Does this still count now that you have the step-sequencer tool turned off?

I actually think something as Big Fat And Ugly as this might work the best:


With Focus Lock On you can click and drag to make selections in the Matrix at all times.

With it Off you have to click it once to select it, then click and drag to make a selection.

It would be great to fix that too.

Oh man this happens to me all the time too!!! It’s so frustrating and confusing and unclear.

Especially because when you double click for the first time, it ignores you but still shows a million different variations of highlighted squares…

I’ve been using the Matrix since it came out and I get tripped up every single time.