Always Confused About The Pattern I'm Editing In The Pattern Seque


Again a newbie question.
I find myself very confused about the pattern I’m currently editing in the pattern sequencer.
It’s partly dued to the fact that it’s difficult (for me) to differentiate between the pattern currently playing and the one which is affected by the ctrl+k, ctrl+ins, ctrl+del commands.

Is it possible to make the currently edited pattern more obvious ? maybe change the colour ?

Thanks again, you’re very helpful!


What compounds this, in my opinion, is that the selected block does not follow the current block on double clicking (from Pattern Editor.) That is what most often causes me to copy or paste over the wrong block, as you think you’ve moved the to the right but you haven’t.

maybe the theme section in the preference can help. but i doubt its possible to change the border- color of the active frame.
so yes, my vote for a (maybe red?!) edit frame for the pattern matrix.

I guess he means that it’s confusing when the pattern follow-mode is turned off and the playback is stopped then it’s impossible to tell which pattern is being currently edited.

Unfortunately not, but this makes a good suggestion. There should be some kind of clear difference.

I also have the problem of not being able to quickly identity the focused pattern in the matrix. Wish the edge around the selected pattern is highlighted (and/or animated). ;)

Huh… Just noticed that the currently playing pattern number is represented between two lines.

I don’t know what seems to be the problem here, but you can see a green line scrolling down in the currently playing pattern (in the sequencer tab to the left and in the pattern matrix) when pattern follow mode is off.
So how more clear do you want to see this kind of animation?

In this screenshot which block do you reckon you are going to be editing when you hit keys in the pattern editor?

If you said bottom right you’d be wrong.

Although copy and pasting from within the Matrix does work on that block.

No but it is still obvious that the other rectangle in the sequencer is not containing the playing pattern animation.
Even if you would not be playing it, the matrix block that is selected is highlighted with a thick edge.
But perhaps the current selected pattern should be highlighted differently (more stronger than it is now, if you look carefully you can see all blocks are highlighted) than the last played pattern…

You mean the bottom right one that you are NOT going to be entering your data into? I’m a little confused by what you mean in your post.
EDIT: Wait, you did say Sequencer and not Matrix. Yes it is very subtly highlighted and if you look at the Sequencer, rather than the Matrix, you can work it out. It was never said it is impossible only that it’s not very clear at a glance.

I just went through every option in the Themes trying to see if I could change the background colour of the one you are editing, after the orange outline goes as you move focus to the pattern editor, and I wouldn’t find anything that does it.

Again I’ll say I think the main problem stems from the fact that double clicking in the Matrix (with Focus unlocked) will move the current pattern (for editing in the Pattern Editor) but not the selected block in the Matrix, which requires you to make a third click.

so this comes down to the whole ‘pattern matrix stealing focus’ debate? are you thinking it would not be sufficient to just make some of this stuff themeable? not that i mind, i’m still not 100% comfortable with the new behavior either, just hesitant to open up that discussion again :)

No because I have Focus Lock Off and always have done so behaviour for me in that has not changed.

yeah with ‘Lock Focus’ off you circumvent that debate. but my reaction was because of this:

so my reaction was not so much towards your own experience, but towards the OP’s… i was speaking generally.

so, with ‘Lock Focus’ on, do you think the problem would be solved by simply allowing theming of this part of the GUI, or do you think it would be better to address the ‘main problem’ as you describe it?

You are quoting me there and it clearly say Focus Unlocked :confused:

Thing is, at the moment, currently selected area is only highlighted in colour in the pane with Focus. This makes it easier to tell, rather than having to note the little corners around the area. Maybe if this wasn’t the case it would be easier? Or maybe it it dulled the chroma of the colour so there was still some difference but not to the grey currently use?

well damn, i must’ve been doing selective reading or something… must be due to little sleep and too much substance abuse last night. sorry!

OT: my vote goes to allowing theming of the Pattern Matrix ‘selected pattern’ and ‘current pattern’ colors. i think that should prove sufficient to circumvent this kind of confusion. i’ve never struggled with this myself so it is not something that is valid for all users, hence the vote for theming.

Plus one to that. I get this a lot too. Editing some pattern, and then realizing, I was editing the wrong one.

Whatever side discussion you’re having with each other the fact remains that, clearly, the above example is confusing. It’s a perfect example almost. Eg. Dear newbie, where’s waldo?

So yes, something better.

But, what is that?

I have yet to see a screenshot proposing something. Where are those screenshots people? ;)

aaaaah, now I understand one of my problems !
maybe clicking on a block on the matrix editor should select the same line on the pattern sequencer…

Just keep an eye on the button with the two arrows, the row where that one is, that will always be your current selected pattern

good point, thanks