"always Play" Button In Sample Properties

ok, let’s check how much defference between me and the most people again…
some time ago i suggested this to taktik, but he said he don’t think it’s useful.

ok, the point is make “Always Play” or “Always Mix” (or something else) button which make play this sample at the same time with other samples with turned this attribute on. i.e. you can mix few samples together and use them as one instrument. it will give some kind of multi-layering, and you i think it’s very useful for drums (for percussion for example) or leads/strings.

imho it’s quite simple and effective, what do you think about this one?

then you have to copy/paste stuff a lot, especially with drums, and it’s a pain.


yep, it takes a lot of time to tune volumes in some percussion and snares to make it sound right.

well you still can remove sample or mute volume or what ever, the button is off by default. don’t like it - don’t use it.

well… if take a look carefully into sample properties tab you can easy find some free space :)

true, but new features also gives us new thoughts and ideas… after all i didn’t ask for “make cool tune” button…

wich will be soon filled up with a pan slider (wich you also requested before : )

You idea sounds like a hack too me. I would like to do it nice and complete while we redesign the whole *.rni structure.

hehe… well, i’ve suggested a lot… but you even didn’t “mute dry” in delay :)

of course it sounds like a hack, but the redesign won’t happen tommorow… i don’t ask for big button for half of screen, make it as 1-pixel secret button and i will be happy to use it. i don’t care how it looks like, i care how effective it before we got something better.

Yes, and let people who do not know about it think it is bug when they by coincidence just happen to click on it. :rolleyes:

To be honest I do not think this idea is very good. It do not just sounds like a hack, it sounds like an almost useless freature that only going to confuse more than it makes good. ;) If this is a substitute for multi-layered samples this is in my opinion not even an option. I say: developers, put your time on more meaningfull features, real multi-layered samples for example :)

Now that is a feature I’ve missed a couple of times… :) It doesn’t seem to be consistent between effects. I.e. many have both wet and dry sliders whereas reverb and delay have no dry slider.

and indeed it is not: multilayering is something really more complex.

For example, how could you dinamically control the mixing level of each layer?

no no, let’s wait for RNI v.2 :yeah:

Maybe you don´t have to redesign the whole instrument structure, but add a new type of instrument that is multi-layered.
This could then consist of normal instruments that are layered?

ah… i don’t think some one will listen to you now… they want get perfect (RNI v.2) for one day, they have not heard that only evolution gives perfect…