Always show current song filename/title somewhere

We should always show the current song filename/title somewhere

Sometimes I might forget which track I currently have open, and I want to be able to immediately glance at the song Title and/or Filename.

I’ve got some notes somewhere on how to create a tool which performs this, but it would be nice to have as a native implementation.

Something like this, maybe? :)

4333 renoise-song-titlebar.png

Hint: When you run Renoise in windowed mode, the current song/file name is always visible. You just have to manually resize the window to fit your screen.

But yeah, in general it could be nice to also show this information somewhere when in fullscreen mode.

I wouldn’t complain for a ‘mouseover’ in the top row eg in the place of the VU meter. So that if you move the mouse there in fullscreen mode the VU will hide and the (full?) filename will show.