Am I Able To Do This?

I never touched any tracker before.
Am i able to create the classical midis with Renoise?
I think Midis are most easy doable with a tracker? Is this right?
I want just do some simple midi background music for 2d Adventure games.
If renoise is the right thing, is anywhere a tutorial for doing midis?

Thank you all in advance, Biber

From what I gather, you are looking to make .mid files… The kind that can be imbedded in webpages from 1996 right?

To accomplish this, you would need some sore of MOD2MIDI tool (or XM2MIDI) which, as far as I know, doesn’t currently exist for Renoise specific files.

With that said, the new OPEN/XML format of the XRNS files in 1.8 would make coding this kind of converter very possible. It’s a matter of someone wanting to do this. Know any coders? Get them on it!

I dont really need a mid file, but i want to make music in that style. The type of the file doesen’t matter. Mp3 is ok anyway cause i can use it for the adventure game engine.
So would be Renoise a good program for this?

Oh, then yes. Of Course!

From the wikipedia entry about Trackers:

Tracker music lives today. It can be found in modern computer games such as the Unreal series and Deus Ex, as well as a considerable number of indie games.

If you’re looking to emulate “old-school midi sounding” stuff, it’s a matter of finding the right VST or Samples and rendering your composition to MP3. Here are a few to get you started?


So, with one of this VST’s i am able to create this music?
With the renoise Tracker Manual am i able to learn the basics for creating this music?
I think this type of Music shouldn’t be that extremly difficult?

Thank you for helping me

Yup, that’s about it.

  1. Read:
  2. Study the demo songs included in 1.8 RC1
  3. Get yourself some vst/vsti (a list free ones here)
  4. Make music.