Free VST/VSTi Sites

Can everyone use this thread as a starting point? Please post your best
links to samples and VSTI’s and VST’s…

Some of us need fuel…



get synth1

best vst ever


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Nice vst fx:

or build your own vsti:

Where can i download the VSTi’s on he website??? I can’t find a downloadlink

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under the screenshots of the plugs are three icons for windows/macos9 and macos x. you need to click on the most left for downloading a windows version.…pcode=0&lang=EN CRYSTAL V2.3 semimodular




FREE good FX not too stable…

Free SampleEditors:

Get PolyIblit

Great Vsti

Free, grab from KVR…
Commercial products by Arguru… the best plugins I know!

Amongst them:

  • Discovery VSTi is a synth similar to the Nordlead 2,
    that surpasses Synth1 VSTi in quality and ease of use (mainly if you use a Nordlead 2 as MIDI input since all knobs are mapped in the VSTi) This one deserves some REAL attention…

  • “Thrill me” is an effect that makes your acid lines (or anything else) sound fat and crunchy “à la” Propellerheads (like in songs “Bang On!” and “Take California” for example)

Else, there is that lists free plugins coming out regularly. Very useful…

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I need some free VST FX’s to change some vocals, anyone how nows some good one’s ??? (vocoder ect…)

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free high quality samples for kontakt:


nice samples you’ve got there! (
are they copyright-free/royalty-free?

btw; the “”-link is dead.



check out this thing if you havn’t allready. it’s kind of a modular soft-synth similar to Reaktor, only difference is: it’s FREE.

i havn’t really had the time to do a deeper check on this but it sounds yummy.

YABD (Yet another Buzz discussion) ;)
BuzzMachines are plugins to the tracker Buzz and cannot be used within Renoise. Read thius thread for more info:…t=ST&f=3&t=1739

Wow, that looks like a nice synth! I’ll check it out more thoroughly

i thought it was kinda ‘ehh’, actually. i only listened to the presets, but:

(a) only 2-3 of them were particularly good
(b] most of them sound basically identical
© none of them couldn’t have been done with synth1 (with maybe a native delay effect)
(d) it usually uses more cpu than synth1

i guess i shoulda tried editing a bit before coming to this conclusion though…

i scoured that site about four years ago… it’s a mixed bunch

some of it used, but most of it just sits there gathering dust

mixed mp3 and wav files. Mostly loopstuff but nice ones

delay lama - i got a kick out of it anyway…

these are intersting… some wrk some don’t.

some more goodies here, just fish around.

still has great links to software, samples, vst’s, ect. go here last.