Am I The Only One?

Who keeps mistakenly hitting the second “Windows” key on the right side of the keyboard between ALT and CTRL? Gets a little annoying, doesn’t it? :) My current quest is to find a way to hack XP so that this key is disabled completely and no longer interferes with my Renoise (or any other program) workflow.

Yar! Just as you responded, I was going to include a link to a freeware utility called KeyTweak that I found which provides a more visual approach to those Scancode Map registry entries. You can download it here:

Good stuff! :)

I “fixed” my Windows keys with a knife. They are a pain in the ass anyway :)

Naw, perhaps you misunderstand. :) KeyTweak lets you remap or disable any key on the keyboard very quickly. Even a learn mode (not unlike MIDI learn) that lets you tap the key, it’ll tell you the associated code and you can reassociate it. Check it out. Very powerful free tool. :)

Good man. Ghetto approach is defo the best

I would use my window key a whole lot more if i could just find it, i simply canot figure out where on my macbook that it is suposed to be. ; )

I have just started using the Windows Key + E to open Windows explorer. Really useful. You might want to stick it back on! Haha

Ahh, well there are actually two Windows keys on my keyboard. It’s the one on the right side of the spacebar that sits between the right ALT and CTRL keys that was the bothersome one. Aye, I leave the one on the left enabled for such things. :)