Amazing Keith303 Song

I didn`t find much of this song here from keith303…mbworker_a1.mp3

amazing stuff Keith! I`m impressed! downloading more of your stuff now (:

thanks mate.
you seem to belong to a small minority which has an open mind for “such” music.
i have three other titles (thumbworker a2, b1, b2) which are very similar to this one, but taking the little amount of feedback into account i got for a1, i didn’t even feel like finishing any of the other three titles.
i meanwhile feel my music is somewhat superflous as the internet houses so many great artists which release their stuff for free…
ahw… i’m getting off-topic, sry.

thanks again, really glad you’re one of the few guys who can relate. :)

Wow! Loved this track, this is the sort of thing that sends me doo-lally in nightclubs, I just get locked in!

man, i loved the thumbworker titles too! a1 and a2 have been steady inhabitants on my playlists since you posted about them on the forum an eternity ago. Seriously, its difficult to find tracks as innovative as those nowadays. You should absolutly do more stuff like that! (and people like me should get better at giving feed back:))

Really nice track! Liked this alot!

Kinda industrial (?) club, funky stuff!

Nice vocals too!

I’ve played Cocoon, Detox and She Felt Like when dj-ing at some parties, and Subtly Distant Comatose is a favourite… not for the dance floor tho. Oh, goodie some new tracks to download.

This was partly a little too monotomous to me (I guess I wanted a more clear “chorus” of some sort) but I really liked the sounds you’re working with. It’s got the same funky happy feeling (not necessarily melodywise, more beatwise) that’s in some of Hardfloor’s best moment. :) I also like all small variations, that really does a lot for the song.

Makes me wanna dance too. ;)

Edit: On my 3rd or 4th listen I’m really starting to dig it. Turns out (to me atleast) the the chorus is a bit hidden away, but once you get to know it, you can hear it more clearly. :)

Interesting vocals but for me the best song ever by Keith303 is still Electronic Space Cowboy. Simply amazing.

klaus never does wrong… to this date i have never heard anything by him that isnt well thought out, well produced and polished… and always top quality musicwise. he is one of the absolute legends in the scene, and one who definitly could make it commercially.

and what a lovely name klaus is :)


Great electro-house stuff or something. You should open your music work on, lots of ppl are there already [unfortunatelly Im very very busy with gfx&dtp&video work, so I have very little time for music, except music & sfx work for clients, of course]! Ill look forward to download as much as your stuff already. You and Xerxes are [one of] the best ReNoisers (: I heard in this kind of music. Keep up with great work! (=

Well done, Keith. Great, funky tune and excellent production. And wow, what a powerful mix. You’ve managed to average some serious RMS there. :blink: Out of curiosity, what is producing that punchy, wavering bass line? Really interesting sound. Hybrid VA/FM type of synth?

Edit: Actually, on second listen, it sounds like two layered timbres. A thick square bass with an edgier timbre overlayed.

Thumbworker, randomly found this today, completely awesome!

Yay!! i heard this song the other day in his youtube profile. Really cool!

Suppose Im part of that small minority as well.

loved it,
the mix is really punchy.

Very good… I doubt that this song is appreciated only by a small minority… I find it accesible…

I really like it, however I do prefer informal speech

is there a longer version of the later one? seeing the youtube video, it looks like something you made in a short time…

I would love to hear more in that vibe

i wasn’t referring to a minority in a universal context, it was rather meant with focus on this very forum and its users, which mostly seem to fancy stuff with broken beats than the straight 4/4 counterparts.
that circumstance is not a bad thing at all and obviously my perception was also wrong to some extent, which is good ofc ;)

concerning informal speech:
it’s pretty minimal indeed. just three tracks and a few note entries. majority of the work went into automating reverb, vocoder and a pitchshift plugin.
as yet, there is no longer version.

this made me GIGGLE LIKE A SCHOOLGIRL!! Can has moar plz!!! No feedback wtf. Who cares about feedback if it’s this funky?!?!? If I could make something like this, I would - just so I could shake my own fat butt to it. :D

Ohh yeah I understand… I was thinking the exact opposite…

and like I said, I do prefer something more like informal speech to thumbworker for that very reason., however even if thumbworker is not in that “fancy” part of the music universe… and that it could be labeled as too… (Idk really what to say here… I’ll try something) too “pop” (the word is not really important, you understand what I mean) by those who like the “fancy” thing… I would say it is easy to make the difference between someone like you who does it and someone who has no talent who does it (wow that’s a nice compliment hehe).

What I mean is while your song has a certain feeling that might not please everyone here, it is well made, which contribute highly to how “good” it is.

A song can be very good even if it is not the very song that I want to listen right now… That last sentence would apply to japanese pop… which I don’t really like but everytime I hear I feel like the people who made the song really cared about what they were doing and they made a high quality product.

Heard a couple of keith303 songs on nectarine today. Nice stuff! :)