Ambient / Orchestral Short Piece

Song I’m working on (with some friends) for some trailer music -

feedback welcome,


Sounds good, the orchestral sounds are natural :) made in Renoise?

very intense. hoping to listen to the complete version soon

Thanks guys! The sequenced orchestral programming was written in renoise, these were exported as samples and then blended with live recordings (some violin playing by me) and other parts in reaper. I did the overall arrangement in reaper because my friend who wrote/recorded the piano melody did it in free time (not to a click) which would be really tough to work with in a tracker. There’s probably about 20-30 layers or so of audio tracks (violin overdubs and stuff) with various edits and crossfades, which is easier to work with in that sort of environment (at least until renoise does the audio track thing :wink:

Very nice very nice :) i agree with above. It will be powerfull track :)

Beautiful instruments, especially the piano. Can’t think of anything to improve, just waiting for the complete song!