Ambisonics + Renoise automation?


First off, I’m completely new to ambisonics and have no idea what I’m talking about. So, in general I’m trying to actually wrap my head around how ambisonics and Renoise can even work together (ie. In general do people just slap on a conversion VST on the MST? What’s a common interface people use for all the outs? etc.)

Ultimately what I’m really hoping/dreaming is that there is a way to connect tracker automation to create rhythmic ambisonic shifts in space. Does anyone have experience in this realm? I suppose you would need a VST that accepts midi data for spatial changes?

edit: if there are specific VSTs you’ve found work nicely with Renoise for conversion I’d love to know!

thx! -e

The Mixer in Renoise is great for surround, especially with a 5.1 sound card or interface that can handle it.

One method may be to bounce some, or all of the tracks to audio; then play that audio to the outputs.
Adjusting the volumes, and frequencies, with automation, to control the perceived positions.
Then make them stems and load them into your video editor to encode them.

Cool question, would be fun to hear more about this.