Amen Breakage In Progress

any input/encouragement would be much appreciated

I think its a way descent mix… its not bass heavy at all… actually, you might be able to bring the bass volume up… This lead is, “ever so slightly,” jumping out of the monitors here. I would definitely compress it a little bit more but, “hey, its dance music,” it can handle the compression… :slight_smile: btw, if you have not comp’d the lead at all, than I would be kinda, “heavy handed,” as well… just try it, if it didn’t work… roll back off

Other than that… well done



besides that, just want to add:

to get more bass in some parts, duplicate the lead, transpose it 2 or 3 octaves down, cut it a bit more and mix it with the rest.
although, lowcut on main lead.
otherwise, you have this low pad in the background that is a bit repetetive after a few pattern.
oh, and maybe try to get a deep kick on the beginning/breaks of every amen- mashup cycle (to add accent to some kicks).

It’s pretty sweet man. If you want to make it sound less “amen-y” try using a gate and messing around with the threshold. Great job on the chopping.

Nice nice, maybe try little distort on amen :)