Americans About "going To Europe"

Why do americans always say they’re going to “Europe”, as if it was some kind of country?

I would never say i’m going to “Asia”, that would make no sense.

Completely off topic, i know, but maybe some fellow americans on the forum could cast some light on this one,
this has always bugged me ^_^

Because Americans can say whatever the fuck they want. Get used to it. We own you.

not sure if trying to be funny or simply a douche

because europe is the capitol from europaland d’oh

ps: robot: lol

“I would never say i’m going to ‘Asia’, that would make no sense.”

Of course it would. Just like “I’m going to Europe” makes sense. And pretty much they whole world speaks this way.

Asia and Europe are continents. If you’re going to a region of the world to visit several countries in that area do you list every place you’re going, or just give the name of the region?

How precise do you think people should be? Name of country? But people rarely go to an entire country, they go to specific cities. But even then they really only go to parts of a city. Think about it, “Why do americans always say they’re going to ‘France’, as if it was some kind of city?”

You have too much free time if you’re bothered by such things. Get back to playing with Renoise!

Because it was a troll post its actually a little bit of both funny and douche. I’m sorry if i offended anyone, most of the people I’ve known who said they went to Europe for vacation said so prolly because they bought a tourist package where they visit France Spain Germany or maybe italy and Greece.

hehe, don’t get me wrong guys… :rolleyes:
i guess i should have been more precise - what I meant is, my impression is that when SOME americans are talking about Europe, they seem to know extremely little about all the different countries and cultures we have here, and that a trip to Paris would justify a check-off for “europe” on their bucket-list. not saying that’s wrong or unacceptable, i guess i’m just surprised sometimes over certain people’s lack of insight/interest into what’s cooking “overseas”. but maybe it’s not so strange as I’ve thought, after all most europeans are born, raised and fed with american tv-shows and movies, and americans don’t get pumped up on our continent the same way… I tend to forget that.

Ok, enough of this. back to renoise it is!

btw, went to Asia last summer, awesome place, has surprisingly tasty tacos! B)

They also say ‘I went to Paris’ or Munich, or Amsterdam, so mentioning specific cities is not a rarity.

But i guess it is safer to say that you go to Europe (to prevent stalkers from following you there) then announcing where you go specifically.

LMAO! :lol:

I had a fun once. IT WAS AWFUL

Actually I didn’t realize you’re trolling. Well done sire!

They mean “going to the old continent”, because they feel connected (by force) to it but at the same time, the fact they have their own (and very short) history makes them feel disconnected.

Oh wait, is it a serious thread or not ?

EDIT: they mean going to Montmartre, Paris, eat baguettes, drink wine, and trying to behave like they are artists… probably?

i go to the americas all the time!

Oh yeah?


By the way, why not going to Europe?

Well played sir, very well played.